Samantha Stewart

Samantha Stewart is a native of New Haven, CT and a graduate of Southern CT State University. There she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She has over 6 years of experience working in social services. In her current role as a social worker with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, she has worked with dozens of children who have experienced child abuse or neglect.

In servicing their needs, she has been made aware of the negative  impact of child abuse and neglect, the need for targeted interventions to prevent generational cycles of abuse and neglect within families, and the resources available for their healing and growth. 

Previously, she worked to end homelessness for hundreds of individuals and families as the Regional Housing Coordinator for the Rapid Rehousing program in Fairfield County.  

She is married to Robert Stewart II and together, they have three beautiful children, Olivia, Alicia, and Arianna. She is a faithful member of the Waterbury Church of Christ in Waterbury, CT.  Samantha credits the support of both her physical and spiritual families to her growth personally and professionally.